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TIG Welding Finger Feeder


Improve working efficiency!

SINGLE HAND OPERATION: Quickly and effortlessly operate with the welding tool! The feeder allows you to control the welding process as you like!

HIGH PRECISION: Use the welding pen to feed wire and extremely facilitate the work! You can adjust the pressure wheel and fit the wire measuring from 1 to 3.2 mm!

COMPACT SIZE: Handy to use, the feeder is the same size as an ordinary pen! You can bring it with you or store it anywhere so it doesn’t take much space!

DURABLE: Made of high-quality material, the feeder will be by your side! It won’t get rusty or damaged!

Give your fingers a break and weld with ease! Effortlessly operate with TIG Welding Finger Feeder like with an ordinary pen!

The extremelyusefulwelding tool allowssingle-hand operation! Justroll the pressure wheelwith the top of the finger and the wire will feed forward! Meanwhile, focus on the welding process and don’t miss any detail!

Create quality weldsin seconds without any worry andeffortlessly controlthe wire! Thepen-stylefeeder gives youhigh precisionandstabilitywhile welding!Eliminate the problem of slippingwire thanks to thestrong locking mechanism with great accuracy! 

Perfectly fittedbetween the fingers, the feeder is socomfortableto hold! Be assured itwon’t slipor move until you finish! Always count on the feeder thanks to thedurablematerial!

Give your fingers rest while welding! Get yours today!