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Metal Paint Marker Pens


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★Medium Tip Metallic Marker Pensfor opaque writing and craft decorating. These versatility metallic markers are incredibly shiny, perfect for adding sparkle and embellishments to various craft work.
Metal Paint Marker Pens


  • Vibrant, shiny metallic colors - 10 vivid metallic colors to choose from. The ink is glittery without being gaudy, perfect for adding sparkle and embellishments to various craft work.

Metal Paint Marker Pens

  • Premium quality- Made with specially formulated, xylene-free opaque ink, these metallic marker pens provide nice coverage. Our metalic pens are non-toxic, odorless, acid free, and environmentally-friendly. The water-based ink is chemically stable and fade resistant. Our ink lends itself to a smooth application that dries quickly.

Metal Paint Marker Pens

  • Medium point metallic markers - Medium bullet tip markers for larger details. Our premium-quality metallic color pens are a great media to use for art projects. Easily mark light and dark surfaces with the bright, highly visible metallic finish of these thick metallic markers.

Metal Paint Marker Pens

  • Marks on most surfaces- Acid free metallic markers for black paper, works on most surfaces, such as cardstock, rock, plastic, fabric, metal, wood, ceramics, glass and more.

  • The end results are always vivid, glittery and bright- even when applied to dark or colored paper. When using our bright metallic markers, unlike most metallic paint pens, you do not need to shake them.

Metal Paint Marker Pens


  • Pen Size: 5.5 x 0.47 inches
  • Line width approx: 2 mm
  • Color: 10 (colors) Green, Red, Purple, Light Green, Blue, White, Silver, Black, Gold, Bronze.


  1. These metallic markers best for black paper or dark surfaces. The color displayed is a little different between dark and light surfaces. 
  2. The actual colors of the ink are a little different from the colors on the caps. 
  3. These metallic markers are not pump action paint pens, you do not need to shake them. 
  4. Please store metallic markers horizontally with the caps on when not in use. 
  5. Were not permanent on glass or ceramic. Best use on porous surfaces(fabric, wood, paper). 
Metal Paint Marker Pens

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