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2-in-1 Camping Lantern


      2-in-1 Phone Charger Lanterns
      Solar Inflatable Lanterns with Built-in Phone Charging

      • IP67 Waterproof - submersible to 3 feet deep
      • Adjustable strap for easy carrying, hanging, and storage
      • 4 LED Battery Indicators show charge level at the touch of a button
      • PackLite Max charges your phone up to 1 full charge
      • PackLite Hero charges your phone 1-2 full charges

      No Batteries Needed
      Forget batteries. Recharge your lantern anywhere with the power of the sun. Simply place your lantern outside with the solar panel facing up to use sunlight to power your lantern. Easy to use for family members of all ages 3 and up.

      These 2-in-1 products are both lanterns and portable phone chargers, making them an essential part of any emergency prep kit. Give your phone a boost and never find yourself without light or power again!

      Easy Storage
      At less than 10 oz, these powerful devices don't weigh down your bag. Their intuitive design allows them to pack down to 1" thick but inflate into a full-sized lantern. Use the adjustable strap to hang, carry, or place anywhere for quick illumination in an emergency.

      Waterproof and Rugged
      LuminAID’s lights were designed for disaster relief with durability as a first priority. Waterproof and dustproof, our solar lanterns provide light even in the harshest conditions. We are proud to stand behind the durability of our products.

      Don't let your family get left in the dark
      When the power unexpectedly goes out, make sure you have a reliable backup lantern to help navigate the darkness. These lightweight lanterns are safe and easy to use handheld, placed on a surface, or hung up.

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