Family Game Wooden Chess Board
Family Game Wooden Chess Board
Family Game Wooden Chess Board
Family Game Wooden Chess Board
Family Game Wooden Chess Board

Family Game Wooden Chess Board

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This Family Game Wooden Chess Board is 39cm of dimension, made in a really durable material that can last as long as you imagine. This funny but educational tool has by itself a bunch of benefits that can help you to consider a little more a reason why have this boy at home, here some of them:


1.It increases kid’s problem-solving skills

In our quick-developing world, every day we face numerous problems and obstacles in every step of our life. Some of the problems are being solved some of them not because of the lack of problem-solving skills. 

As a parent one necessary thing that you must do is prepare your kid for those problems, teach them how to solve them, and move forward. And, earlier you start, earlier you will have independent, self-confident child. Chess is the brilliant example of developing those skills. Let your child be confident, problem-solver through playing chess.

2.It increases the creativity of your kid:

Probably, one of the most important organs in our body is the brain. Approximately 3 pounds with 100 billion neurons and 100 trillion connections, is the manager of our body. As you know, both hemispheres of our brain are much alike but there is a big difference in how they work and process information. Our left-side is responsible for analytical and methodical thinking, while the right side is responsible for creative or artistic thinking.

3.It exercises both sides of the brain 

A German study showed that when chess experts were given chess position and geometric shapes to identify, researchers expected to find the players’ left brain being more active, but the surprising thing happened when they saw that the right hemisphere of the brain was equally active as the left one.

















  • Has a foldable board so you can conveniently bring it anywhere.
  • With magnetic pieces, so it can stay in place every time you play.
  • 39cm Large wooden material.

Package included:

  • 1 x chessboard.
  • 32 x chess pieces.
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