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Durable Chainsaw Grinding Disc

 Process wood with more efficiency!

MINIMAL MUSCLE WORK: With thischainsaw grinder disc you can process hard materialseasily and with no hassle!

POWER:Feel the power of this Durable Chainsaw Grinding Disc while cutting hard materials withhigh strength, speed, and maneuverability!

STABILITY:Get a steady grip and hold your chainsaw firmly with achainsaw grinder disc that will provide you stability!

MULTIFUNCTIONAL:With this chain disc you can cut and carve wood, plastics, ice, rubber, or any hard material, or even removeexcess material or small stumps!

Process hard materials in any way you like and with almost no effort by using this Durable Chainsaw Grinding Disc! Cutwood, plastics, ice, and hard rubber withminimal muscle work. With this chainsaw grinding disc, you can alsocarve, sculpt, remove excess material, or small stumps.

This chainsaw grinder disc is made of carbide steel and verydurable, so don’t worry about wearing it out.

With 8 link chain saw circlet design, it’s verypracticalfor you to use. You won’t have problems when cutting hard materials because thecutting toothand the width of the groove are large.

Feel thepower of handling a chainsaw with this durable grinding disc. You will havehigh strength andhardness, but alsofirmnessandstability. With a maximumspeedof 13000 rpm, external diameter of 2.5", internal hole diameter of 5/8" and thickness of about 0.2”, you canprocess any material you want.

Feel the power and stability! Get yours today!